University of ILLINOIS Club of Greece


The University of Illinois Club of Greece (UICG) is the hub of the University of Illinois alumni and other people associated with the university in Greece. After a year of effort, it was established officially as a non-profit association on 23rd April 2012. Under decision 993/2012 of the Athens Court of First Instance, the Club was recognized as a non-profit association in Greece and was registered in the Associations Registry under number 28907. Our statute was amended in February 2013 to account for the e-voting option during our elections process and was approved by the Athens Court of First Instance under decision 689/2013. A copy of our Statute is available upon request.

The main mission of UICG is to:

  1. Foster networking among its members
  2. Promote the image of the University of Illinois in the Greek corporate, academic and cultural community
  3. Assist, to the extent possible, prospective students of the University of Illinois to answer their queries around life and studies at the University of Illinois